Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What2Wear Wednesday

Sorry I've been absent this past week. I really don't have an excuse. Things have been great here at the Stevens' household. Aunt Sherri, Uncle Clint, and Sophia came to visit Friday night. It was so good to see them! We had a great time just catching up. I really love when family has a chance to visit us. I'll be sure to post more about what's been going on as of late, but today is Wednesday.... That means a new W2W post!!

W2W: Peplum

How: dresses, jeans, tights, jackets

When: NOW!

Who: Anyone, of course!

Image via 9 to 5 Chic

Image via The Glitter Guide
Image via Girl with Curves

I'm sure just like every trend it won't sick around for too long, but I love it, and right now it's everywhere. So try it out, just make sure you pair a peplum top with a sleek and slim bottom... Remember: baggy = frumpy. And nobody wants to be frumpy!  

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