Thursday, November 8, 2012

When Two Friends Fall in Love

It's Thursday...finally! I have been waiting for Thursday to arrive since last Thursday!! All because this is my last workday of the week, and I have an amazing weekend planned. This weekend I will be traveling down to Topsail Island, NC for my dear friend's bachelorette festivities. I just can't wait to see her. It's been way. too. long. Brittany was my college roommate. We met at college orientation, actually, and we hit it off immediately. It was crazy how many things we had in common. And now, she is getting married to another dear friend, Will. Matt and I both worked with Will at Caswell. We are so thrilled that the two of them have each other!

Me, Will, and Matt way back in 2006! 

Me, Brittany, & Matt at our wedding! Brittany was a beautiful bridesmaid and I know she is going to make an even more beautiful bride!!

Will & Brittany, Matt and I both can't wait to be a part of their wedding in January!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Visits, Hurricane, and Halloween!

It’s been semi eventful around our little apartment these days! This past weekend my dad and sister came to visit! It was the first time my dad came up to see our place. We had so much fun. I can’t tell you how much I miss him along with my entire family! I wish it were as easy as getting up and just driving a couple miles, but 6 hours is quite a hike. Granted, we don’t live on the opposite sides of the country! I am just glad Matt and I got to spend some quality time with my dad.

They arrived on Thursday afternoon. I was at work until 4, so they kept themselves entertained at the local Buffalo Wild Wings. Matt was able to sneak in after soccer on Thursday before returning to work, and luckily he was off Friday afternoon through Sunday, so he could join in on all the fun! I took my dad and my sister to the Commissary Thursday evening, and let just say Dad was impressed at the low prices! One of the perks of being a military wife; I do love shopping at the Commissary!!

On Friday after Matt got home, we went to take our Christmas pictures. Since my sister is a photographer, I had to take advantage of getting the pictures done while she was here. You know, Christmas is going to be here before we know it! Side note: I can’t believe it’s already November! The pictures look great, and I can’t wait to hand out our Christmas cards this year.

Saturday, we all got up and had a delicious breakfast of Dad’s famous hobos. Dad really wanted to visit the Harley shop, so we packed in the Civic and headed 30 minutes west towards motorcycle bliss! We made a few stops along the way at some flea markets and antique stores. When we arrived at Harley Davidson dad found a new t-shirt, and Heather and I got him a new hat (as an early birthday present). They were having a Halloween bash, and there were plenty of kids and adults dressed in costumes. We also happened to get a free lunch out of the deal! This was Matt’s first time ever in a Harley shop, so he was definitely taking it all in as best as he could. He may have been a bit overwhelmed. J It was fun, though!

Cute picture of Flip that Heather took!

for Morgan!

my dad... See, he's so cool!

Dad outside one of the flea markets!

Saturday night we went to a couple of parties that our friends were throwing for Halloween. We decided that it would be totally awesome to dress up as a biker gang! Matt had an excellent idea to supplement the biker gang by dressing in the cycling gear… get it?? Yes, it was pretty funny. Well, at least we thought it was! Some of our friends didn't quite catch our little joke! My dad, sister, and I were all looking hard core, and then there’s Matt in spandex shorts and a helmet. Funny husband…

The biker gang!  Minus the cyclist, Matt... But you can only imagine.

Heather... of course she made her shirt!

Pretty sister!
Dad and Heather left on Sunday, just in time before Hurricane Sandy arrived. Sunday was when I was supposed to run the Zombie 5K, but it was cancelled due to the storm! Such a bummer!! Luckily, Southern Maryland wasn't hit too hard by the storm. I never lost power at the apartment, and ended up working from home on both Monday and Tuesday. Matt was at work, and he said they lost power for only about 45 minutes. So, all in all, I can say we are blessed to be safe! My thoughts and prayers are with all those in Jersey, New York, and all the other areas that were hit the hardest.

Sheww!! After all that catching up, now it’s Friday! Matt took off work this weekend, because we were supposed to attend the youth fall retreat. Unfortunately, it was cancelled. So, now I am hosting a “Girls Night Out” at my house tonight, and Matt will be joining the guys at another leader’s home. I am sure it’s going to be a great time!! We will have some free time tomorrow, so I am excited to see what we will do to keep ourselves busy. I’m sure we will find something!

Well, sorry for the long post. I have been a terrible blogger lately (something Matt always reminds me), and I want to make sure I keep you all up to date with what’s going on with us. So, thanks for hanging in there! Have a safe and awesome weekend!