Friday, August 24, 2012

Fabrics Galore

Happy Friday!

The weekend is almost here. I can taste it! Although I am all too thrilled about having the next two days off, Matt is stuck on duty this weekend. So, I am trying to decide what I can do that will make good use of my time alone in our apartment.
Our guest bedroom is lacking in many ways, so why not spend some time working on making the room come alive! I’ve started browsing different fabric options to use in the room. Lets just say, I am way too excited about all the pretty prints.
Heres some fabric eye candy for you to swoon over...
 Turquoise Chevron, Yes, please. From Tonic Living
Flatiron, Ocean

I am so in love with ikat and this one also from Tonic Living is perfect!
Batavia Ikat, Aquamarine

I was never a fan of geometry, but this fabric from Spoonflower is lovely.
Pinned Image

The elephants are adorable from Fabricworm

Joel Dewberry has this gorgeous yellow and grey fabric!
JD46 · Lodge Lattice · Vintage Yellow

Cute from MaseyMoonFabrics
30% OFF - Use Coupon Code THIRTY at checkout - Premier Prints - Annie - Yellow/Kelp - 1 Yard

More ikat except this time in Green from Designer Fabrics Online
Bari 22-A has this beauty.
Metro Living Tile Leaf

Oh, the possibilities are endless! I can't wait to get started on a duvet and some curtains. I'll be sure to keep you updated as I make progress on the room. Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Are you using any particular pattern for the duvet? I've been wanting to make one (I, too, go crazy over fabric possibilities)...

  2. I think I want to go with an ikat like the blue, green, and yellow one above. I searched for one to buy, but all the ones I really liked were way to expensive. So, I figured I could make one myself! We shall see how long it takes me though... :)