Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First post... Better late than never.

Welcome, welcome! 

It has taken quite some time for me to write my very first blog. I first began thinking about blogging a little more than a year ago. And I actually created this blog a little less than a year ago. So coming to this very moment is monumental. 

This is blog to document, doodle, dazzle, draft, and dilly-dattle in the life and love of me, my husband, and our sweet little pup, Flip. Trust me when I say this will be a blog of randomness, but it will definitely be tons of fun. 

So, let's start with an introduction via Instagram, because they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Plus, it's just another way to catch up on what you have missed, since I've prolonged this blog so much.

Flip kisses are always welcome, and often expected. 
Halloween 2011 Matt as the Mad Hatter

...and me as Alice

Because it's cute to see sleeping boys

sweater man

we are lovers


Treat, please??

Look at me, not the TV

burr... wintertime 

it's too cute not to post

80's rocker?

he wears a puffy jacket

we go sight-seeing in D.C.

he would...


I got bangs

we hike sometimes 

wetsuit + cold water + wake board = fun

kisses and fuchsia lips

good eats


we like D.C.

sweet boy


<3 the husband, the dad, and the Papa John (father-in-law) <3


flower child, sometimes


we celebrate birthdays



photo op

I think I already mentioned I love these two.


windows down

lawn chair sittin'

mini mountain vacation

NC, miss you.


Flip kiss

post-workout face

So that's that, in chronological order from October 2011 to just about an hour ago. Now here's to a beginning.


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