Monday, September 17, 2012

The Good, The Bad, & The Awesome

A recap of last week with Instagram and the good, the bad, and the just plain awesome!

The Good
. Buying a new TV (it’s a big one…)
. Cute little Flip butt poking out of the covers
. Discovering new online shopping sites like Uncovet
. Making awkward faces to see baby smiles and laughter
. Stalking a bench at Marshall's for over a month, and it finally going on Clearance…
. Starting Christmas shopping early...Oh yes, I most certainly have.
. Pictures of husband in uniform ;)
The Bad
. When no one listens to you at Trivia although you were right
. Waiting in line 30 minutes at the Commissary, because you have 5 more items than allowed in order to use to the “Express” lane
. Husband loses debit card
. Husband doesn’t seem to care debit card is missing…
. The bar stools I ordered still haven’t arrived even though I keep checking the shipment process and they were supposed to arrive like forever ago...
. Returning library books 2 minutes late...grr!
. The TV is mounted on the wall!! (Yes, I might be a little too excited about this)
. Cute mugs from friends asking Matt to be a groomsman in their wedding!!
. Making ridiculously good panang curry with sweet potatoes
. Launch is back every Sunday evening
. Three day weekends
. Running over three miles without walking!
. New TV premieres…I can’t wait to watch Revolution tonight.
. The arrival of fall-like weather


  1. the bad list does not seem so bad, i would have gone in the express lane and not cared, and probably made a big deal that i had more then I was supposed to and then joke with the cashier, winked at her/him to get my way, and used it as a sermon illustration later. i will mail you a nickel for the library book, but i bet if you talk to them they will wave it. if you call the company that you ordered the bar stool from and express how you are not satisfied with their servie I bet you can get some other stuff, from the situation like a discount or refunded a percent of the money. debt card thing is not so much fun, I have nothing to say about that. i hope i did not sound like a jerk in my comments, miss you guys and i look forward to your post. i tell matt about something that happend here lately and maybe that is why bad does not seem so bad.

    1. haha, I know... We just have it too good! ;) Hope to see you both sometime soon!!

  2. I love this good, bad and awesome post. very creative! and returning library books just 2 minutes late would definitely be very frustrating! And yay to new big TV's :)
    xo TJ

  3. So were you fined for your library books? A lot of libraries have some sort of grace period...

    1. idk... They were closed. I mean locked up no one in the parking lot or anything!! And literally it was like 5:02. haha I guess they were ready to call it a day. :)

  4. Isn't it fun to mount your tv? You can run those wires behind the dry wall and have them pop out behind the dresser if you want to get rid of the wires. You can just cut two holes in the dry wall snake the wires down with a wire hanger. It's not too hard. My hubby did it and he has never done it before. :)

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    1. Yes, I was seriously way too excited about the entire thing! Aren't husbands the best, though?? ;)

  5. christmas shopping already? i'm impressed-- i do it early too because it makes it so much nicer to enjoy the holidays! love your blog and we're your newest followers! Xo

    1. Well one gift so far... Let's hope I can keep it up! Thanks for the follow...You are now on my reading list, as well! :)