Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What2Wear Wednesday

Sometimes you just get the urge to clean out and organize your closet, but before you go donating that old shirt or sweater, you will want to take a look at this week's outfit. I put together last year's maxi skirt with an incredibly old grey v-neck and viola! An outfit that is comfortable and fashion forward. I just took the v-neck and tied it together in the front for added style and dimension. Who knew old, worn, comfy clothes could be so style worthy?

Sandles: Mossimo at Target (at least couple years ago)
Skirt & Shirt: PacSun (The skirt I bought over a year ago
& the shirt I've had for many years) Watch: Khol's
Photo Cred: Bow + Arrow Photography
 by my sister, Heather Beasley

So, I challenge you to take a look through your closet and come up with your own stylish combo... There's an old print in there that's just dying to be worn, I know it!

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